NOOK VR Case Study

//NOOK VR Case Study

VR Experiences

Virtual Reality is typically something experienced essentially blindfolded, standing up and moving around. This method of practice can induce cognitive dissonance in the user along with feelings of self-consciousness & vulnerability. Every time a VRE is set up in a space, the equipment requires sensitive placement and detailed calibration anew.

Thinking inside the box

What if we could create a VR Experience that could be set up once and moved wholesale from place to place, which provides a safe and comfortable seated arrangement offering a greater sense of security, allowing the user to relax, immerse and engage better?

So that’s what we did.

VR Equipment

The NOOK VR Experience

We took a NOOK pod and pre-fitted it with all the required equipment to run a comprehensive VR demo experience. Sitting down.

We installed this integrated solution in to a break-out space at the VR World Summit in Bristol in April 2017, running a number of relevant VR experiences on the system such as a Cinema scene, Driving Experience and Flight Controller.

Here’s what we learned…




  • Saves time and cost on installation & dismantling when used across multiple events
  • Allows more focus and attention to be put on ensuring the system is bullet-proof pre-event
  • Offers a new and inviting way to experience VR
  • Reduces self-consciousness in users, allowing for more enjoyable engaged experiences
  • Causes better connections to be forged between visitor and demonstrator
  • Keeps visitors in situ longer after the demonstration, when the lead is developed to the critical next stage
  • Provides multiple valuable
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