They say that you’ve only got one shot at making a good first impression. But what you do after that initial meeting is often just as important! At NOOK Event Pods, we believe that proper business etiquette is key to maintaining strong business relationships. Here are our suggestions for adhering to the typically unwritten rules:

Making Good Impressions

Dress for success. It may seem a bit cliché, but this bit of advice never goes out of style. Always err on the side of being overdressed, especially if your position requires you to meet new or prospective clients. If you are interviewing for a position, dress for the job that you want. And if you want to move up within your organization, always dress for the job you aspire to, not the one that you have.

Shake hands and look the individual in the eye when you meet someone, whether it’s the first or fortieth meeting. Shake everyone’s hand when entering a room and at the start of a meeting.  While handshaking – for both men and women – is a time-honored tradition in business interactions, be mindful if you’re engaging with someone who may be uncomfortable shaking hands due to their religious, cultural or personal beliefs.

Know your audience. Whether you are meeting a potential client or manager for the first time, it’s important to do your homework. It shows initiative when you bring more than empty pleasantries and can effectively engage beyond watercooler talk. Most people and companies have an online presence. There’s no excuse to be clueless.

Maintaining Positive Relationships

Offer your undivided attention. Time is money, and no one likes to feel as if either is being wasted by an inconsiderate someone. Silence or put away your electronic devices unless they are being used as an aide to your conversation.

Set clear expectations for communication. Ask if business associates and clients have a preferred method and frequency of communication. Not everyone appreciates multiple emails per day at any hour. Some may prefer telephone communication up to a certain hour and then prefer email. You won’t know if you don’t ask, and you never want your communication efforts to be seen as a burden.

Prepare in advance for work events. What happens outside the office can reap big rewards, especially if your business or brand utilizes NOOK Event Pods.

NOOK Event Pods are mobile meeting spaces designed for use at events, conferences and trade shows.  As they are easily brandable, NOOK Event Pods are perfect for corporate sponsorship packages and exhibitor booths. The high-tech built-ins and expert acoustics provide the perfect space for private client presentations and meetings, networking, relaxing and even dining.

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