There’s no better feeling than when you’ve successfully sealed the deal or agreed to initiate a new project with a colleague or customer. At NOOK Event Pods, one of our goals is to facilitate the achievements of our clients. Read on for a few of our top tips for selling and negotiating with success:

Be Genuine.

It’s relatively easy to spot feigned interest and false collegiality. It’s important to be genuine – in both personal and professional exchanges and relationships. You garner trust and confidence when you are true to yourself.

Listen First, Talk Later.

If it sounds too much like a sales pitch, prepare to get ditched! Talk to the person in front of you.  Engage them in meaningful conversation and try to understand a bit about who they are and their goals for the proposed transaction. Having real talk and LISTENING before touting the benefits of your products/services is beneficial to both parties.

Be a Good Communicator.

Don’t listen only to respond. Give the other person confidence in your ability to effectively engage in communication. This will be an asset while working together.

Don’t Settle for No.

Turn a potential “no” into a teachable moment.  Emphasize what you’ll both gain from the partnership in a way that exhibits your unique talents and/or the benefits of the product/service.  Work every angle to turn a potential “no” into a “yes”. At the very least, your effort will leave the other party with a positive impression and respect for your determination.

When you’re at a trade show or event, we’re confident that the noise-reduction properties of NOOK Event Pods will help you negotiate with confidence, regardless of the din from the main floor.  A quite, private space leads to better conversations, and better conversations lead to better connections.

The award-winning NOOK Event Pods are mobile meeting spaces designed for use at events, conferences and trade shows.  As they are easily brandable, NOOK Event Pods are perfect for corporate sponsorship packages and exhibitor booths. The high-tech built-ins and expert acoustics provide the perfect space for private client presentations and meetings, networking, relaxing and even dining. BOOK A NOOK® today for your next event or trade show and see the difference!

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