For some, speaking in front of a crowd is a miserable experience worth avoiding at all costs. For others, it’s a welcome opportunity to command the podium. Whether you enjoy public speaking or not, you want to bring your A-game each time you stand before an audience. Fortunately, you don’t have to be born with the gift of gab. Being a skilled public speaker is a talent you can cultivate. Check out our top tips for speaking in a public forum and commanding attention.

Before the Event:

Do your homework. If you’re not already an expert on the topic, ensure that you do your research and become a near-expert.  Prepare to answer questions, if requested. You’ll benefit tremendously from learning about the event and knowing your audience (background, education, profession, reason they’re attending, etc.). Preparation is KEY.

Practice, practice, practice. Your audience will know if you’re unprepared. Rehearse your material from start to finish. Get a test audience if you can, or practice in front of a mirror.

Use tech to your advantage. Not only can you record yourself and play it back for a self-critique, but during your practice sessions, set several alarms to go off while you’re speaking.  Working though this exercise will give you confidence that you can handle distractions and interruptions.

During the Event:

Stay within your allotted time. Even an excellent speaker can lose their audience if they’re longwinded.

Engage with the audience. Make eye contact. Use appropriate body language. Read the room and include some humor, if appropriate. Add clarifying information if you make a point and the audience looks perplexed.

After the Event:

Accept feedback. You’ll only grow as a speaker if you know your strengths and weaknesses.

Congratulate yourself! Speaking in a public forum isn’t easy. You’re willingly making yourself the center of attention.

Look for additional opportunities to practice your newfound skill set – whether addressing an expansive crowd or at a more intimate affair.

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