Remember your last corporate event and that meeting with a potential client? You made your sales pitch, talked through some details, and then closed the meeting with a firm handshake. Well, it was more awkward than firm because you were trying to juggle your dying tech and they were desperately searching for a place to sit and regroup. The exchange may have been sufficient, but was it as effective as it could have been? Probably not. That’s where NOOK Event Pods come in.

NOOK Event Pods positively impact the event experience for the corporate user, attendees/sales team. And as they provide additional revenue streams for the event organizer, NOOK Pods support growth in the exhibitions industry.

NOOK Pods enhance personal interactions in an event environment by providing quiet, semi-private meeting spaces where participants can freely make high-tech presentations, negotiate and ultimately close the deal.  NOOK Pods take events from basic and boring to engaging, interactive and successful.

According to CEIR CEO Cathy Breden, CMP, CAE, “The first quarter of 2018 demonstrates that even in times when some sectors may be struggling, the total CEIR Index indicates the exhibitions industry is poised for steady growth.” (Source: CEIR)

The corporate event industry is growing and NOOK Event Pods are perfectly positioned to capitalize on and positively impact that growth.

For event organizers and exhibitors, NOOK Event Pods provide structure to empty or underused event spaces.  The NOOK is a revenue-generating, mobile meeting pod (available via hourly rental fees or for extended periods) and its physical presence makes it the perfect platform for advertising and sponsorship opportunities.

Businesses and sales teams know that presenting a product or service offering with a potential client can be stilted and predictable. Make it meaningful and memorable with a digital presentation or virtual reality experience.  NOOK Pods can be pre-fitted with all the required equipment and technical accessories to take your presentation to the next level, meaning that potential clients not only learn about your business, but they experience all you have to offer. And that’s a game-changer.

Attendees have a limited amount of energy, and their tech has a limited amount of power. NOOK Event Pods provide the solution to both dilemmas! NOOKs can also be utilized for employees and event attendees to relax, recharge and reconnect. Each Pod can comfortably seat up to four people and offers privacy from the event’s main floor. Users can unwind, charge their mobile devices, have a bite to eat or catch up with family back home. A NOOK helps attendees and employees stay charged for the event.

NOOKs benefit corporate attendees, individuals and event organizers. Having NOOK Pods on an event floor results in a win for all involved and positively impacts the event’s and corporate attendee’s bottom lines.

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