So you’re planning an event and notice that there’s space – sometimes lots of it (gasp!) – that’s not leased or occupied. Empty floor space costs event organizers more than just money – it can send the wrong message to attendees and potential event participants who may view that blank floor as a sign of a weak or underperforming event and deter them from renting booths in the future. This impacts both sponsorships and the event’s bottom line.

Filling empty space at conferences, exhibitions and trade shows just got a whole lot easier! NOOK Event Pods provide creative ways to turn unoccupied areas into valuable, revenue-producing space.

NOOK Event Pods offer conveniences to both conference organizers and attendees – and they generate revenue. As the NOOK Event Pod is totally brandable, event planners open up new revenue streams through paid signage/sponsorships of the units. Traditional and digital signage on the exterior and interior of the NOOK Event Pod provide brand promotion opportunities and signage can also be utilized for cross-promotion of other conferences, including the next year’s event.

NOOK Event Pods fit through any doorway, and they’re mobile and easy to assemble. Their flexible, modular structure makes them perfect in almost any space. NOOK Event Pods can be positioned in underutilized areas, such as empty floor space, hallways, stairwells and corners and event planners can rent them hourly or for time slots, which creates additional cash flow for the event.

NOOK Event Pods can function in various capacities:

  • Mobile meeting spaces that provide privacy, noise reduction and a place to negotiate, make presentations or speak with clients or colleagues.
  • Unique meeting spaces where people can recharge phones or laptops and just relax.
  • Act as a wall barrier to section off areas of an exhibit hall floor.
  • Perfect space for a coffee or snack break or for dining arrangements in an event’s café area.
  • The acoustics of and lighting in NOOK Event Pods make them ideal for media events and to perform or record interviews and podcasts.
  • Video monitors can be added – both inside and outside the unit – for use in trainings or for entertainment purposes.
  • NOOK Event Pods can be fitted for virtual reality displays, simulation demos and for gaming.

With so many creative ways to utilize and monetize NOOK Event Pods, you can’t afford not to have them at your next event. For more information and to Book A NOOK, visit us at

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