“A place for everything, everything in its place.” – 17th Century Proverb

Whether an event anticipates hundreds or thousands of attendees, the event owner expects everything to run smoothly. General service contractors are dedicated to making sure that fundamental event operations are considered and potential problems are resolved. NOOK Event Pods can make the general service contractor’s job easier! Check out these reasons you should book NOOK Event Pods as the perfect additions to corporate events, conventions, conferences and  trade shows:

  • Create a great first impression with a NOOK Event Pod as a registration or welcome area where attendees can get vital information for navigating the venue.
  • Lease NOOK Event Pods to third parties, like catering groups, local restaurants, event exhibitors, etc. and create additional revenue streams.
  • Lease NOOK Event Pods for advertising/branding opportunities for exhibitors and local businesses. Add logos, signage and digital monitors to display offers.
  • Mark out of bounds areas with multiple NOOK Event Pods that create borders but also offer available seating and functionality for meeting spaces, relaxation stations, interview areas and more!
  • Establish a “NOOK Bar” where attendees can relax, conduct client presentations or meetings, and enjoy beverages and/or food.
  • Create upgraded common areas with tech capabilities for privacy, presentations, networking or relaxation.
  • Highlight guest speakers or experts with a “Meet the Experts” NOOK Event Pod, offering an opportunity to chat in person with the local expert or celebrity.
  • Create an assigned press area for journalists or podcasters. NOOK Event Pods have ideal acoustic and lighting qualities for interviews.
  • Your NOOK Event Pods arrive fully assembled and on heavy-duty casters for ease of movement and positioning on the event floor. We test the service and remove all packaging.

NOOK Event Pods are a perfect addition to the Show Kit for general service contractors, as they add functional value to the event space and generate additional revenues.

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