Part of every New Year involves setting goals. This practice of reflection and projection is especially important for corporate executives, whose goal setting is a fundamental first step in positioning their company for future success. 

At NOOK Event Pods, we love to see businesses grow and thrive. Pick up our top tips, below, for successful goal setting that will help you move your company and employees forward.

Set Measurable Goals

Measurability is important when setting goals!  Don’t simply define the goal as “business or profitability growth.” Set a percentage goal for growth or attach dollar amounts. Allow for monthly or quarterly goals that support the overall annual goals.  

Goals for One and All

Establish goals at every level of the company. As a senior executive, you should have your own goals, but you should also establish goals for managers and leaders throughout the company and for those line and staff employees.  Everyone in the organization should have an incentive to give more and be a better team player. The most effective plan will consider the strengths and weaknesses of the team or individual and implement individual goals that focus on productivity, growth and success. Encourage employees to share their personal goals so their coworkers can celebrate their successes and encourage them when they fall short.

Short-term and Long-term Goals

Set both small and large goals that are tracked and scheduled for completion at various times throughout the year. This structure helps maintain momentum and allows room for goal readjustments, as needed. It also applies to the overall, corporate goals, smaller team and unit goals and individual goals. Work with team members and employees to ensure they can contribute to the corporate goals, while simultaneously pursuing their individual goals. Highlight that by achieving individual goals they are supporting and facilitating the overarching corporate mission. When employees are vested in the company’s success, they show higher levels of job satisfaction. 

Capitalize on Employees Talents and Know Their Worth

A strong, successful leader surrounds herself with individuals who possess those skill sets that they are lacking.  This eliminates gaps or holes in management and administration. Employees should be positioned where they can utilize their strengths and where their input provides the greatest value to the business unit or corporation. 

Know the value of your employees and compensate them accordingly – with respect to salary, benefits, perks and PTO.  Be flexible when it comes to family needs, working remotely, alternative schedules and lifestyle changes.  When you give to your employees, they give back to the organization.  

Spread the Word

Communicate the corporate goals throughout the organization using more than one medium. Employ email, posters and meetings, and incentivize with prizes that are both monetary and honorary. Get creative! Reiterate the long-term goals throughout the year while also focusing on the short-term results.  

Start the New Year with a defined plan and clear, measurable goals, and frequently check your progress vis-à-vis that plan.  Be flexible and understand the need, at times, to reset a strategy or fine-tune the action plan or program.  

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