We’re here to eradicate the dull and boring work event.  Gone is the mindset of packing as much work-related information as possible into a single block of time. We want event attendees to have a productive, positive, memorable experience. That’s where NOOK Event Pods come in!

Employees crave a work/life balance. Accessible technology can make work events more enjoyable, and NOOKs are designed for the tech-savvy user. They’re equipped with power mains for international plugs and USB Sockets, as well as surge protectors. NOOK Pods can also be outfitted with additional features, including flat screens, digital displays and wireless charging. With powered-up devices, attendees can continue to sell and network, utilize social media to post about the event (building a buzz) or simply unwind, connect with family at home and socialize with other attendees and colleagues.

NOOK Event Pods are designed with balance in mind – a retreat from the noisy event floor. The design of a NOOK Event Pod makes them surprisingly quiet. Sitting in a NOOK removes much of the disturbing high frequency noise outside, allowing those inside to have conversations without straining to hear or focus. NOOK Pods are intentionally open on one side, promoting air circulation, which combats a stale environment, overheating and claustrophobia. The NOOK Event Pod’s roof and walls are carefully designed and crafted with acoustic-sensitive components and sound-absorbing materials that make a NOOK Pod feel cozy and calm, while its openness and flexibility keep it inviting and welcoming.

Virtual Reality anyone? Yes, NOOKs can be equipped with VR. A VR experience in a NOOK is ideal because it reduces self-consciousness in users, encourages better connections between visitor and demonstrator, and once the demonstration is complete, the NOOK Pod keeps visitors in situ longer, which allows for a complete sales pitch.

Take your next corporate event from basic and boring to experiential and engaged with NOOKs Event Pods. Contact us with questions and Book a NOOK today: nook.events.

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