Taking a time out isn’t just for kids! Work events – conferences, trade shows, exhibits and extended meetings – can be both physically and mentally exhausting.  A work event time out can prevent mental and physical fatigue, which easily occurs when you’re expected to retain a lot of information in a busy environment. Time out techniques have been shown to offer extensive benefits, including higher levels of engagement, increased productivity and overall improved levels of happiness. It’s a win-win scenario for both employer and employee! Try these tips at your next event and see the results for yourself.


Take a time out to declutter your mind and organize the information you’ve received. Focus on what you’ve learned, who you’ve learned it from, and note those who need a folluw-up.  Once you go through this exercise, you’ll more easily retain new information and you’ll network and engage with others without becoming overwhelmed.


Taking a time out to switch gears gives you a much-needed mental break from the hustle and bustle of networking or negotiating. A healthy diversion allows the mind to focus on a new task. Listening to music, reading a bit from your favorite blog or current book, reviewing social media or checking in on loved ones at home can reenergize you and put a positive spin on the rest of your day.


NOOK Event Pods are the perfect place to take a time out from a work event! The NOOK’s careful construction includes a specially engineered design that makes the NOOK feel open, but sound-absorbing materials have acoustic benefits that offer a quiet oasis from the noisy event floor. The NOOK’s semi-private structure allows users to guard their personal space while engaging with those on the event floor, should they choose. There’s an optional privacy curtain that can be utilized when users need solitude or a complete escape from the crowds.

Using one of these time out techniques to declutter your mind, momentarily divert your attention and/or temporarily disengage from a busy work event will help you maintain a healthy work/life balance and will give you the energy and stamina to get thru the day at peak performance.

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