So you’re headed to another trade show?!  Whether you’re excited about it or absolutely dreading it, trade shows give us an opportunity to highlight our business, brand, products and/or services. While they provide the perfect venue for making new connections and expanding revenues, trade shows can also be a huge source of stress and a tremendous financial undertaking.

Fortunately, you can reduce the stress of trade shows and maximize your return with proper planning. Check out our top tips for getting the most out of your next trade show:

Set Specific Goals

Without goals, it’s difficult to gauge your performance and certainly that of your team.  But with clearly defined goals (that include metrics), it’s easy to determine if you’re hitting your targets.  Global goals: what is to be gained from the event, how will you stand out from the other exhibitors, how to best highlight your brand.   Other areas to detail:  how will you reach your audience, how many people should be engaged each day, how to assess the competition, how many overall commitments should be expected?

Advertise Early and Often

Getting traffic to your booth isn’t a game of chance. You must be deliberate! Utilize your social media platforms, website, newsletters, podcasts, blogs, contests, etc. to advertise that you’ll be in attendance. Remember to give your audience essential information: date, time, location, booth number, and any other information that will inspire them to visit and learn more about your products/services. Advertise in the weeks leading up to, during and after the event.

Customized NOOK Event Pods are a marketing/advertising dream! Upstage predictable event booths and tables with our mobile meeting spaces that boast your logo, digital signage, brand colors and more!  At 6’5” by 6’7”, NOOK Event Pods function as billboards on an event floor!

Come up with a Script

No one knows your product and services better than you, but the hustle and bustle of packed trade shows can knock you off your A-game.  Ensure that those manning the event booth have a clean script that guarantees they’re hitting the high points of your products/services.

NOOK Event Pods that are equipped with digital displays or a rear dry erase wall help you capture a potential buyer’s interest and ensure that you’re offering consistent, relevant, attention-grabbing information that makes your product/service memorable.

At NOOK Event Pods, we’re committed to helping businesses and brands make a positive, lasting impression at trade shows and events. For more information on NOOK Event Pods and tips and tricks for planning a successful event, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. You can also find us on LinkedIn.