Is your company headed to a corporate event? Or perhaps you’re an event organizer or conference planner?  We’re all looking for new ways to promote our business or brand, expand our brand reach and generate new revenue streams. NOOK Event Pods are the newest sponsorship driver on the market. They’re easy to set up, easy to move and easy on your budget. Convenient NOOK Event Pods make event meetings comfortable and easy, too!

When you hire NOOK Event Pods, you can capitalize on their versatility in many ways.NOOK Event Pods can turn an empty space into a bookable, private, high tech meeting spot, a space for media events and interviews, a reception kiosk and even a food court. A NOOK Event Pod can be customized to include Wi-Fi, charging stations, flat screen TVs and even virtual reality options.

For both the event attendee (corporations and businesses) and event organizer, the NOOK Event Pod has tremendous sponsorship capabilities. It can be used as an advertising, promotional tool by outfitting it with corporate signage and displays – on both the interior and exterior of the unit – thereby expanding brand recognition and brand reach. And for those serious about a brand-intensive play, the NOOK Event Pod can be fully wrapped with branding and logo materials.

With clusters of NOOK Event Pods (a “NOOKery”), sponsorship opportunities can be created for food and beverage locations, destination spaces or meeting and media areas. As destination areas, these small groups of NOOKs function as lounges, pavilions, technology stations, coat rooms, press rooms or charging stations. They’re excellent for media areas where the press can plug in and broadcast an event to the world or conduct interviews in a quiet space. Note that each NOOK Event Pod is media-ready with video walls, digital monitors, Wi-Fi and digital signage capabilities. And a NOOKery makes for the perfect mobile seating/lounge area for an event’s café, bar or restaurant.

Additional revenue streams are easily created by renting the NOOK Event Pod for hourly use to conference or event attendees.

The NOOK Event Pod provides organized structure to an event space and valuable service and revenue streams to exhibitors and organizers alike. Take advantage of all the features of the NOOK Event Pods and maximize them to offer event-goers and corporate executives a truly unique and unforgettable event experience.

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