The team at NOOK Event Pods works hard to ensure successful events.  Our NOOK Event Pods are designed to generate additional revenues and expand opportunities to keep event attendees engaged, informed and wowed!  Satisfying both objectives: The NOOK Café! Check out the many ways a NOOK Café creates memorable events.


Within your event venue, multiple NOOK Event Pods are arranged around a food and beverage service station – creating a NOOK Café. When you provide dining and relaxation options, event attendees are incentivized to stay at the venue because it’s easier than leaving to search for a place to relax and unwind and often saves time and money. When event attendees are presented with entertainment and dining options within the venue, a higher rate of attendee retention is maintained and you run a lower risk of losing attendees to shopping malls, restaurants or hotels. This equates to more dollars circulating within your event.



NOOK Event Pods can be used as part of comprehensive corporate sponsorship packages. NOOK Event Pods can be branded or fully wrapped with logos, tag lines and digital signage. Sponsors include local food and beverage businesses or national brands. In either case, pockets of NOOK Event Pods can be arranged in vending areas to create seating for attendees who want to unwind, dine or negotiate. Imagine the appeal of “Meet me at the [Your Business Name Here] NOOK for lunch.” That’s word-of-mouth advertising in action!


At NOOK Event Pods, we’re committed to raising the bar of the event industry one successful engagement at a time and the NOOK Café provides a range of opportunities to monetize event floor space.


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