Events and conferences come with a price tag for the host organizations. For many show owners, show management companies or associations, producing revenue to offset expenses or to make a profit is a constant struggle.

It’s important to understand why people and organizations attend an event. The impetus and gains differ for each community of participants. Many attendees are looking for educational benefits and credits toward achieving an industry degree. Other attendees attend to network, gain insight into their professional world and to see the new products and services being offered. Exhibitors are there to showcase their company, its products and services, negotiate and meet with clients and potential clients and to build brand awareness.

From a financial perspective, show owners tend to derive the largest share of revenue (approximately 75% to 80%) from renting space on the trade show floor.  Every square foot of that space has a hefty price. But as we all know, there is always space within the event area that goes unused, sometimes as a result of fire marshal restrictions or because it isn’t deemed a “prime location,” due to the space structure and floor plan layout.  The underutilized spaces are the perfect place to locate NOOK Event Pods, which serve as the ideal complement to an event’s corporate sponsorship package.

Sponsorship packages generally produce 15% to 20% of the event revenue. Many shows aim for premier industry players to be major sponsors with packages often totaling over $100,000. Sales management within larger show organizations have a top ten sponsorship base and a second-tier sponsorship segment they count on to purchase packages ranging from $500 to more than $100,000, depending on the conference, trade show or exhibition size. Regardless of the show size, owners should always seek new offerings to maintain the top tier sponsors, while providing incentives for those in the second tier to grow.

NOOK Event Pods – with their branding and digital signage capabilities – are an innovative concept that not only provides sponsors with signage and branding opportunities on the event floor, but they also deliver functional space for attendees and exhibitors to negotiate, make presentations, unwind and relax or network.  NOOK Event Pods are truly a win-win solution for event owners and attendees/exhibitors.