The mental gymnastics required to initiate and close a single business deal can be exhausting. Still, that’s nothing compared to the energy required to network at a conference, trade show or work event.

Corporate events can be exhausting and taxing to our energy levels and mental focus. We all want to bring our A-game, and that’s made much easier when we build some break time into the schedule.

Check out these ways you can get the most from your next work event:

Pace Yourself

Prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed by planning ahead. If attending a large event, decide – in advance – which booths or sessions that you need or want to attend. Try not to participate in too many long, back-to-back sessions, if possible. With small breaks during the day, you’ll have time to digest all the information, take and review notes on meetings and lectures, and decompress a bit before initiating the next round of engagements.


Step away from the crowd  – mentally and/or physically. Listen to some music, your favorite podcast or catch up on an e-book when you have some downtime. These small pleasures can help combat mental fatigue. If the event is crowded, take a moment to step outside. Some fresh air will provide a much-needed calming effect.

Look for a NOOK

NOOK Event Pods are ideal for those who are attending or presenting at a conference, event, or trade show.  As they’re semi-private spaces, NOOKs provide a more tranquil environment and an escape from the noise and bustle of the crowded event floor.  Once inside a NOOK Event Pod, you can recharge and unwind.  The roof design and acoustic materials used in a NOOK’s construction make it an oasis of calm. And as NOOKs are equipped with mains power and USB sockets, they’re perfect charging points for laptops, phones and other electronic devices.

Never miss another opportunity to take a brief time out at an event.  With a clear head and calm demeanor, you’ll make better business decisions and have more successful encounters and meetings.

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