Whether it’s your first or umpteenth presentation, you want to make a solid,
lasting impression. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a natural-born actor or
orator to wow an audience. Check out our tips for creating and delivering
better presentations:

Before the Presentation
Prepare! A good presentation doesn’t happen by chance. Review the
subject matter in-depth and prepare for a variety of questions. Know how
to respond in the event you don’t have an answer to a query.
Practice Makes Perfect. Review your presentation many times and even
go over it in front of a mirror. Include hand gestures and work on timing for
switching slides if you’re presenting with a slideshow and/or video.
Time yourself! A presentation that is too long will lose your audience. A
presentation that is too short makes you look unprepared.
Have a Plan B. You never know how your audience will respond. Plan two
versions of your presentation that vary in style -maybe one asks for more
audience feedback or uses more visuals than the other.

During the Presentation
Pay close attention to your audience’s body language. Switch gears with
your presentation and/or switch up the cadence in your speech or lower or
raise your voice if your audience looks bored or seems unreceptive.
Avoid information dumping! Now’s not the time to tell everything you know.
Instead, highlight ways in which your service or brand is the solution to your
audience’s problem.
Exude confidence. If you look like a pro and own your place on the stage
or at the podium or mic, people will assume you’re an expert.
Dress to impress! You only get one shot at a good first impression, so don’t
ruin it at first sight. This doesn’t mean that you don your prom dress or a
tux, but simply dress in a way that reflects your brand’s or business’s image
and resonates with your target audience.

After the Presentation
Ask for feedback! You can create a better presentation for your next event
if you know what worked well and what needs improvement. Tweak your
presentation using the given feedback as soon as possible – while it’s still
fresh in your mind.
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