Innovative meeting spaces are our thing.  But our NOOK Event Pods aren’t just for “meetings,” they’re fully functional, integrated pods that can be outfitted for many uses.  Need dining areas for your food court?  We got you.  Maybe your requirements include a quiet zone for attendees to relax and unwind?  We can do that, too. Media stations or space to conduct interviews and live feeds?  Done and done.  NOOK Event Pods can be customized to create smart spaces at any event!

NOOK Event Pods are systems of interchangeable parts. They can be basic or involve high tech elements or adaptations. You can choose from a pre-configured solution or start with a bare NOOK shell and add finishes and features that fit your needs.

The standard NOOK Event Pods have a white laminate exterior shell with interior fabric in soft grey, spacious bench seats and a generous table/work area.  They are equipped with power mains for international plugs and USB sockets, overhead color-controllable lighting, a table lamp, a convenient shelf for devices and arms and robust wheels for mobility and flexibility.

If using NOOKs for quiet meeting spaces, as interview pods for the media or as a place for staff to relax and recharge, add upholstery throughout and include a privacy curtain. The fabric and lighting can also be customized.  Wireless charging is available and simply request any additional seating that might be needed. If the space is to be used for presentations, gaming or virtual reality experiences, you can add a screen mount for a monitor and the NOOK readily adapts to the required technology for gaming stations and VR.

NOOKs can be linked across a trade show, event or conference floor to create barriers between sections or out-of-bounds spaces, and while they not only provide a break on the floor, they also serve for any of the functions mentioned above. Multiple NOOK Event Pods can be linked together, configured throughout a space or even function back-to-back to build extensive meeting spaces, food courts or elaborate gaming spaces and presentation rooms. Collaboration is inevitable when people are connected in such an inviting, exciting way.

And don’t forget that, while functional, NOOKs are also fantastic revenue generators. They can be branded for promotional use or operate as bookable meeting spaces. The entire NOOK Event Pod can even be wrapped in your design or logo.

NOOK Event Pods are the perfect complement to any event or trade show. Book a NOOK today:

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